How It Works

Components to Suit Your Needs
Investing in security is similar to a dentist appointment; it’s something we all know we need; but we wait until we have absolutely no other option before taking the plunge.

At VoiceAlert we totally understand!

To accommodate you, we’ve made VoiceAlert products as ‘painless’ as possible to implement.  By ‘painless’ we mean:
Easy to Install & Relocate
VoiceAlert products are ridiculously easy to install and relocate (being wireless, installation is instant and simple; and relocation takes only moments).
Easy to ‘Live With’
VoiceAlert products instantly report intruders to the right people in an ‘intelligent’ way; not just blaring sirens that achieve little.
Easy to ‘Grow’
Investment only requires a minimum amount of equipment to meet your immediate needs; yet you can instantly expand your system to provide wider coverage (more and different types of sensors), greater range between sensors and receivers, or different responses and reporting mechanisms (voice/sms/lights).

When you invest in VoiceAlert – you get bonuses that go far beyond the individual product you buy.
Yes – you may find individual products that might offer a some of the functions VoiceAlert products deliver (though not as elegantly, simply or cost effectively), but there is simply no other family of products that fit so neatly together to solve the biggest problems in today’s crime environment.

We are not aware of any other security product that offers the versatility of VoiceAlert; our value for money and expandability.  If you ever find one, please let us know and it will stimulate us to improve even more!