Implementing VoiceAlert

DIY Simple
Being wireless, all VoiceAlert components are extremely simple to configure and operate.

We’ve engineered them so that you can take them out of the box and have a full network up and running in minutes. Probably the most complicated thing you’ll need to do is put the screws in that hold the sensor. Simpler than that, security products don’t come.
Our agent around the corner
However – with over 40 agents and >100 sales consultants around the country, we’re sure to have an expert close at hand if you need some direction.
Buy from an agent – it’s the smart thing
We do offer an e-commerce facility on this site that allows you to buy immediately – and we’ll ship directly to you. However, we’d stongly recomend that you purchase from your local agent. The reason is that agents purchase from us in bulk – and therefore can offer you deals we cannot. Their expertise and on-the-spot assistance can be invaluable.