MTX Transmitter


Transmitter used for sending RF from wired sensors to Polygon receivers. Transmit range of (300m line of site).

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Product Description

Enables the wireless connection of non-wireless detection devices (such as beams, trip wires, or smoke detectors) supplied by third parties to become wirelessly compatible with voicealert receivers such as VoiceAlert or TextAlert.

What is AdaptAlert-TX?

  • When one wishes to connect a detection device (that normally needs to be hard-wired) from another manufacturer’s product range into a voicealert solution (viz; a TextAlert or VoiceAlert receiver), AdaptAlert-TX provides the radio ‘bridge’: AdaptAlert-TX is a radio transmitter unit that takes the place of wiring.

How it works

  • The AdaptAlert-TX contains a 433MHz Transmitter that will send a radio signal to compatible receivers. It is mounted right at (or sometimes inside of) third party detection devices and is physically connected via short wires to the output signals of these devices


  • Expands voicealert’s detection capabilities by enabling the products to integrate with any detection devices made by any other company, AdaptAlert-TX’s RF/radio transmitter provides quick and easy installation of any third party device into a voicealert environment
  • Has its own waterproof housing or can be housed inside the housing of an existing detection device.
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