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For use outdoors. Has fixed long range lens of 30m detection range. Between trigger delay can be adjusted from 0 -3 min. Between trigger delay is essential for prolonging the battery life in heavy traffic conditions.

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Since 2003, VoiceAlert’s outdoor sensors have protected tens of thousands of homes across South Africa. Feedback emails to us indicate that hundreds of people literally owe their lives to the early warning capabilities of this little marvel (triggering the VoiceAlert early warning base unit). At the price, it is ‘criminal’ not to have it looking out for you!

Size Does Matter

In this case – small is beautiful. The secret to VoiceAlert sensor’s phenomenal success as a crime barrier is it’s small inconspicuous size; battery driven and totally wireless (up to 300m range/100m through walls), you can mount this little wonder in areas criminals won’t think to look.

Triggers Voice, SMS, or standard Alarm/Siren/Armed Response

Voice Alert sensors are engineered to work with the USA-imported patented VoiceAlert System-6 wireless early warning panel.

However, they have proven to be such a reliable and affordable outdoor means of detection, that we have used them far and wide in all sorts of installations – wirelessly triggering out GSM/SMS and Standard Alarm panels.

Battery or Solar Powered
Powered by standard (square, matchbox-sized) PM9 batteries; available at any supermarket; depending on the amount of detection and transmission activity it experiences, VoiceAlert sensors can operate for months on a standard battery. Alternatively, utilize rechargeable batteries, or long-life batteries that will provide up to 5 times standard battery life expectancy (of several months).

When a low battery condition is detected, your VoiceAlert sensor will send a special code (for several weeks) – and the receiver will react by indicating via LED light, voice warning, or Sms precisely which zone has a low battery.

Easy to Configure
An 8-button dipcode array allows for up to 256 different frequency code selections – this allows up to 256 separate zone differentiations for any particular installation. Any given dipcode array setting selected will allow the receiving base unit to define a particular zone, and react accordingly.

Easy to Mount
VoiceAlert sensors mount to any surface with two screws (for temporary installations; tape, Prestic, Velcro, or cable ties are often used – providing the base is stable and won’t shift in wind) The ball and socket bracket allows the sensor to be orientated to face any desired field of view.

DIY Installation/Re-Location
Because of their simplicity, users can; having read the manual(!); place VoiceAlert wireless sensors wherever needed, and then re-position them as necessary – without fuss or need for technicians.

Unique Temporary Installations
Many of our clients (especially farmers, police/neighbourhood watches doing stakeouts, etc) utilize VoiceAlert sensors on a ‘floating’ basis, re-locating them regularly to ‘hot spots’. We’re extremely happy to confirm that countless criminals have been caught ‘red-handed’ using our sensors.

Great RF/Wireless Range (to Base Unit)
VoiceAlert uses the highest (legislatively) allowed 433-mhz radio transmissions to trigger alarm panel base units (Signal repeaters/boosters and high-gain antennas are available from us on request). The engineers quote “up to 300m line of sight, 100m through walls”. But range depends on the terrain – we have seen ranges over 600m, but also under 50m (when a signal must travel at an angle through very thick walls). In summary, VoiceAlert sensor RF range is truly the best we have seen out in the market.

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