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Suited for use in homes and in security control rooms (security guard monitors the unit). Has six configurable zones but allows for more than one sensor per zone by matching of RF 8 bit code. Starter kit consists of base unit, 1 PIR Sensor and ac adapter.

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Product Description

VoiceAlert sensors monitor your perimeter and other outdoor areas; and (rather than an irritating siren or meaningless chime) the receiver base unit then intelligently reports any intruder directly to you by replaying your own pre-recorded voice for the triggered zone, e.g.: “Driveway Intruder” or “Someone near the swimming pool”, etc.

In short: VoiceAlert is the world’s simplest, most effective, and affordable intruder early warning technology.
How VoiceAlert Works
The instant a VoiceAlert sensor detects an intruder (outdoors or indoors), it transmits a radio pulse; and the VoiceAlert’s base unit inside the house responds by playing the voice warning (in your own voice that you record) for each zone.

The net effect is that intruders unwittingly ‘announce’ themselves, telling you precisely which zone that they have trespassed.

With the ‘guess-work’ removed from a situation, you are in control to identify the threat and immediately take action – hit the panic button, avoid or confront the intruder(s), lock doors, arm yourself, etc. etc.
VoiceAlert: Receiver & Sensor Benefits

  • Multiple locations: The portable VoiceAlert receiver is designed to stand on tabletops, on your bedside table or kitchen counter
  • Cost effective and versatile: a single sensor radio pulse can activate an unlimited number of VoiceAlert receivers; simultaneously warning the entire household:> For example a single sensor in a driveway can trigger a two VoiceAlert receivers in English (one upstairs and the other downstairs). Simultaneously, the guest house can have a third VoiceAlert that, for instance, plays an Afrikaans (or any other language) warning to those occupants.
  • VoiceAlert is ‘scalable’: you can take the bare-bones minimum VoiceAlert and then upgrade your system by adding new sensors or components any time you need
  • Versatile: Being wireless, it is extremely simple to implement or relocate sensors and (portable) base unit. Allowing you to use the system as a fixture or for temporary applications (on vacation or during construction).
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