DIY-Receivers / Hubs

All voicealert Receivers and hubs (or alarm panels) are designed with hassle free, cost effective, easy-install, and user-friendliness at their core.

VoiceAlert Receivers and Security Hubs link via wirelessly (via Radio/RF) with their compatible VoiceAlert Sensors and Detectors.

VoiceAlert’s DIY Range

  • Our DIY range of sensors allows you to quickly set up your own 8-dipswitch VoiceAlert, TextAlert-IV or TextAlert-X units in minutes; our agents will gladly assist you with this.

Utilizing our TX  transmitters – listed under “Peripherals” in the Products section, you can easily link any manufacturers sensors and detectors to voicealert Receivers and Hubs.

Using our RT signal repeater/booster, the already impressive wireless performance and range between our sensors and hubs can be vastly extended to suit your needs.