DIY-Sensors / Detectors

All VoiceAlert sensors and detectors are wireless; i.e. – they use RF (radio frequency – rather than wire) links between the sensor/detector and the base units.  Our DIY range is extremely simple to install – 8 dip switches allow you up to 256 separate channels through which your base unit can identify individual zones, and act accordingly (providing customized zone-by-zone Voice or SMS warnings).

This means they are quick and easy to setup and allow you to start with the basics and easily add to protection as your needs change.  It means you can use the different types in any combination in the same setup:

DIY Range

  • VoiceAlert’s 8-bit outdoor PIRs interface with VoiceAlert and TextAlert-II base units
  • Wireless indoor sensors
  • Wireless Door/Window Contacts, Indoor PIRs and Smoke Detectors wherever you need them.

Mix-n-Match Simplicity

By combining detectors as and when you need each, you can perfectly customize a security solution to your exact needs; so that you invest a minimum amount on day one, but can easily upgrade as your needs and budget change.

All voicealert sensors are encoded to link (via RF/radio connection) directly to all voicealert Receivers and Security Hubs.

Virtually Unlimited Range

By utilizing our RT-radio booster/repeaters, the already impressive wireless performance and range between sensors and hubs (typically 300m) can be extended to suit your needs.