Business/Farm/Holiday-Home/Construction-Site Security

Securing your business (or farm’s) infrastructure can be prohibitively expensive – tons of wiring, trenching and lots of installation cost; Then – Managing your systems and reacting to alarm-triggers continues that hassle.

VoiceAlert eliminates all of that!
We’ll Surprise You; You’ll Surprise Intruders
VoiceAlert will surprise you with the ease and low-cost of installation.  Let us show how we can maximize your security at a fraction of the wired cost.  We can do what others can’t because we are specialists in wire-free, solar powered security solutions… no wires, no trenching, no batteries – just top quality, effective solutions to meet your ever need.

VoiceAlert Puts You in Total Control

Regardless of their function and method: All VoiceAlert products focus on the same objective: Detailed, customized, precise intruder warnings delivered directly and simultaneously into the hands of all those who need to know:
VoiceAlert Solutions are Dedicated to Your Safety

  • To get instant Sms intruder warnings sent to multiple cell phones (and trigger armed response) via TextAlert: it’s quick and simple to set up and use
  • CCTV is good, VoiceAlert warnings (“Camera 2, Someone in X-Ray Room”) makes it invaluable
  • For spoken warnings to your guard, reception, or neighbours (holiday home) – VoiceAlert is unparalleled for simplicity and effectiveness.