Your Home Security

With an early warning, you’ll never get ambushed

Voice Alert is a unique technology; It “keeps you safe when you’re home”; it is simple to use, easy to live with and absolutely effective and neutralising robbers.

I set my alarm every night as I go to bed

  • Excellent!… But….
  • With 58% of robberies between 5pm and 11pm – that’s when you’re most vulnerable – that’s when you need an aggravation-free early warning solution.

What’s wrong with my burglar alarm?

  • Because Burglar alarms are a nuisance – it’s the first thing you turn off when you arrive home – leaving you as vulnerable as if you didn’t have one.

What’s The Solution?

  • The instant an intruder trespasses; voicealert systems deliver detailed, specific, pinpoint and customized information about that breach delivered simultaneously and directly to all who need-to-know – household members (both inside the house and to their cell phones when they’re out), neighbours, and armed response.

voicealert Solutions are Dedicated to Your Safety

  • When you’re home, stay safe with – VoiceAlert
  • To get instant Sms intruder warnings sent to multiple cell phones (and trigger armed response) via TextAlert